Telecom Maps

The Telecommunications Program supports the publication of geospatial visualizations related to its loan and grant portfolio. These visualizations are intended to help stakeholders easily identify possible partnerships and to aid in the review of new loan and grant applications. The Telecommunications Program is eager to continue its GIS efforts as a public service to provide a clear representation of its ongoing investments in rural America and Agency objectives.

Telecommunications Program Funded Service Areas

This map identifies the service territories for the following Telecommunications Program recipients: Active Broadband Initiatives Program awardees, Farm Bill borrowers, Infrastructure borrowers, and ReConnect awardees. Community Connect grant projects that were obligated any time after Calendar Year 2012 are also available on the map. A recipient who has received a grant or loan/grant combination award as of 2010 or after is considered Active. A recipient that is a borrower currently paying on its outstanding RUS debt is also considered Active. Inactive projects should not appear on this map unless however, the entity has other eligible Active projects. 

Image of a US map with data points for telecommunications program funded

Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Recipients

This map identifies all of the Distance Learning and Telemedicine sites that were approved since the Fiscal Year 2017 application window. Specific grant purposes, such as STEM and opioids, are also identified as separate layers on the map.

Image of US map showing Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Recipients