USDA Brings Public Protection and Community Space

Sara Pierce
Crawford Rural Fire Department Station
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Crawford’s Rural Fire Department Station was built in 1929 and had reached the end of its useful life by not meeting current energy, building, accessibility codes and standards. The basement had flooded thus mold was a concern. A shared wall to the west side of the station had a roof that collapsed pulling the shared wall away.

The fire department was concerned that the roof on their side would also collapse. The building was very energy inefficient and lacked adequate space to house all the fire department’s trucks and equipment. The truck fill lines were undersized resulting in up to 42-minute fill times for some trucks.

"This project has been long over due, but thanks to the great support from the community and USDA it has become a reality," said President Ron Dyer for the Crawford Rural Fire Protection District. "Our equipment is better protected and our personnel are safer. We now have room for all our equipment in one location. Thanks to the land swap with the city we obtained a convenient location and the extra space is great."

        The new fire station has enhanced the safety and protection services of the city of Crawford. The building is located away from the downtown area
        on an empty lot that the city deeded to the fire department. It is a 
pre-engineered 16,000 square foot metal building with seven vehicle bays. It has a
       meeting room with a kitchen for fundraising, community events, and firefighter training events.


Obligation Amount
$1,615,000 Community Facilities Direct Loan
Date of Obligation
Wed, 06/08/2016 - 16:05
Congressional District
Smith 03
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Fischer and Sasse
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