• NEWS: USDA's Response to COVID-19 to Help Rural America

    USDA Rural Development has taken immediate action to help rural residents, businesses, and communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Rural Development will keep our customers, partners, and stakeholders continuously updated as more actions are taken to better serve rural America. Please visit USDA Rural Development's Coronavirus Response page for the latest information and notices on how Rural Development is supporting its stakeholders, with loan payment assistance, application deadline extensions, and more.

Wyoming Contact Info

USDA Rural Development
100 East B St., Rm 1005
Casper, WY 82601

Business Programs: 307-233-6706, 233-6725
Community Programs: 307-233-6710, 233-6709
Multi-Family Housing: 307-347-2456 ext. 4; 233-6721
Single Family Housing, Casper: 307-233-6799, 233-6711, 233-6716, 233-6717; Riverton: 856-7524, ext. 4

State Director's Office: 307-233-6703, 258-3064
Administration-Main Line: 307-233-6700
Public Affairs: 307-233-6703, 307-233-6700

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