Success Stories

The Summer of Dreams

Working with the USDA is very rewarding for me. Because I have been able to place so many families in need of a safe, comfortable home that they would otherwise not be able to afford. One of the most gracious customers to walk through our doors this summer was a determined, hard working, lady… more


Providing Assistance to Students with Developmental Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is providing the assistance through an initiative called Rural Economic Development Innovation, REDI. USDA’s Innovation Center created REDI to support recommendations identified in the report to the president from the Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and… more


First Phase of San Felasco Tech City Opens

Mitch Glaeser and Richard Blaser of The Laser Investment Group had a vision of a live-work-play community, with businesses, housing and recreation areas to be run primarily by solar power.  The community would be an environmentally- and tech-friendly development.  San Felasco Tech City, just… more

New warehouse for storage of seeds delivered for customers.

Keeping the Business Local

Agricultural producers in Valley and Garfield counties had been able to purchase Syngenta corn and soybean seeds for eight years from a local provider.  When the dealer decided to retire, it looked as though these rural producers would have to switch their seed brand or travel a longer distance… more

Rosemary is all smiles!

She had just tuned 19 but Rosemary Zamora knew she was at a crossroads in her life.  
It was July 2017 and just weeks before she had given birth to her son, Andrew.  As the result of being a high-risk pregnancy, Rosemary was forced to drop out of high school a few months short of… more

Dakotaland Manufacturing

Leader in Both Metal Fabrication and Precision Machining Makes Energy Improvements to Rural Business

Two organizations, Westland Manufacturing and JMS Precision, merged their organizations in August 2015 to operate under one company doing business as Dakotaland Manufacturing.