USDA Builds Sound Infrastructure for a Rural South Dakota Community

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The City of Lake Andes recognized that two-thirds of the city sewer system was built in the 1920’s with vitrified clay pipe (VC) and brick manholes (MHs).  The sewer system was experiencing a significantly high rate of infiltration and inflow causing the sanitary sewer system to flood with groundwater, especially during heavy rain events.  As a result, sewage backed-up that directly impacted homes and businesses. These conditions were further challenged by the existing brick manholes which compounded the infiltration and inflow problem.

The city completed rehabilitation projects in the 1980’s and 2010 that addressed approximately one third of the city’s issues. The remaining two-thirds of the system was classified as “fair to poor condition” and on the verge of collapse.

The city of Lake Andes upgraded the remaining two-thirds of the system's infrastructure through USDA Rural Development Water and Waste Disposal Loan funds of $332,000 and grant funds of $891,000, leveraged with an $838,000 USDA Rural Development Water and Waste Disposal 306C Native American Grant, a $735,000 South Dakota Community Development Block Grant, $37,000 from South Central Water Development District and a $3,000 applicant contribution for a total project cost of $2,836,000.

These investments were used to refurbish the entire sewage collection system with cast in place pipe (CIPP), including specialized coatings for the original manholes. This project has significantly improved Lake Andes existing wastewater collection system.  “USDA Rural Development has allowed the city of Lake Andes to progressively move forward with keeping their infrastructure good and sound for the communities 826 residents,” said Debbra Houseman, Finance Officer for the city of Lake Andes.  “The city already has projects lined up for projected partnering with USDA in the future.”  This USDA investment provides safe and reliable wastewater infrastructure that is a vital component to prosperity in this rural South Dakota community.


Obligation Amount
$332,000 Loan/$891,000 Water & Waste Disposal and a $838,000 306C Native American Grant
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Fri, 05/04/2018 - 16:05
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