Smooth Drive for All in the City

Luann Brown
New  streets, curbs and drainage.
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Pawnee City had 3.8 miles of streets composed of asphalt or rock and deteriorated to the point repair was no longer feasible. With minimal to no curbing, the majority of drainage was in open ditches along the roadway. Complete replacement was necessary for safe streets in this area of the City.

Using the design provided by a Consulting Engineer firm, Rural Development was able to help the City identify the necessary financing to bring the streets back to new, smooth drivable surfaces.

A Community Facilities Direct Loan funded the paving project that also provided culverts, curbs, and proper drainage.

Completed in the Summer of 2019, Pawnee City’s 860 residents and visitors now have smooth, safe passage for vehicles and bikes.

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Tue, 02/20/2018 - 16:05
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Smith 03
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Fischer and Sasse
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