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The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (LBST) Indian Reservation is located on the west bank of the Missouri River and covers portions of Lyman and Stanley Counties. The Tribe oversees the solid waste program, including trash collection services, under the direction of the Environmental Protection Office (EPO).

 The Tribe has two garbage trucks to collect all residential and small commercial trash on the reservation which encompasses 207 square miles. One of the trucks, a 2009 Freight liner rear-load compaction collection truck needed to be replaced as repairs and maintenance costs were constant. It is important to have two trucks available. When one vehicle is out of service, the collection is delayed and can cause a negative impact on the health of the environment and its citizens.

 Through a USDA Rural Development Community Facilities grant of $21,400 that was leveraged with $174,000 from the Indian Health Service (IHS) and $21,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency – Performance Partnership Grant for a combined project cost total of $216,400, the Tribe purchased a replacement vehicle that is new and of a similar size and design, along with a fuel efficiency feature as the trucks drive over an average of 600 miles a week. In addition, the Tribe purchased 12, 8-yard rear load metal dumpsters as the Tribe's current commercial grade dumpsters were rusting through and past useful life.

 Approximately 400 residential collections and over 100 commercial accounts will benefit from the continuation of trash collection services by the Tribe.

 “Austin Claeys, USDA Rural Development Loan Specialist was very instrumental to us throughout the application process," said George Honeywell, Director of the Environmental Protection Office. "The Tribe will benefit from this project for years to come. The cooperation between USDA and the Tribe will ensure trash collection services are provided and maintained regularly."

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