The Summer of Dreams

Danielle Ehlers
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Working with the USDA is very rewarding for me. Because I have been able to place so many families in need of a safe, comfortable home that they would otherwise not be able to afford. One of the most gracious customers to walk through our doors this summer was a determined, hard working, lady named Marie Thomas. She learned about the USDA Direct Loan Program. She prayed that she could qualify and meet their guidelines and requirements. Marie wanted to give her children a beautiful, safe and affordable home. A reasonable need that made me happy to see achieved. Between the USDA’s underwriter, (Yolanda Woods) and our company we were able to help Marie achieve her American dream.

I explained the requirements to get a USDA Direct Loan. I gave her a list of documentation needed so we could move forward and she complied. She was very excited, I mailed her VOE and VOR to both her employer and landlord. Both gave her a glowing report. All paperwork was submitted and USDA 's underwriter Yolanda Woods sent Marie a letter of eligibility within days. Marie moved in her new home and sent me a card that read, 'Words can not express my feelings, but to all that helped me ... THANK YOU! The USDA and their staff made my summer dreams come true. I pray each night that this amazing program will continue to help thousands of single mother's like me."

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Thu, 11/01/2018 - 01:00
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Rubio, Scott
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