National Financial and Accounting Operations Center

Located centrally in the greater St. Louis area, NFAOC currently provides services to two large U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies: USDA Rural Development and the Farm Service Agency. The portfolios we service include almost 1.5 million loans with a total dollar amount of $236 billion, and a delinquency rate of only 3.77 percent.

If your government agency is subject to the Credit Reform Act, and needs help servicing and managing your loan portfolio, NFAOC can help.

USDA Rural Development’s National Financial and Accounting Operations Center (NFAOC) is a loans receivable shared service provider designed to serve Federal, State, and local government agencies. We offer credit agencies a comprehensive package of services combining expert financial supervision with top-quality accounting and loan portfolio management support. USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

Our services streamline operations to better serve your borrowers, while minimizing losses and risks. Download our information brochure to review our services.

Contact Information

Christine Mechtly
NFAOC Director
Phone: 314.457.4152 (office)


Linda Hamel
Chief, NFAOC Planning and Accountability Staff
Phone: 314.457.4968 (office)